Women ‘Need To Approach Fat Loss Differently To Men’

If you’ve spent any time working on your figure and trying to lose fat, you’ll probably have realised that not all the tips you come across work as well for women as they do for men. It’s no surprise why: because men and women’s physiology is different.

An article for Muscle and Fitness recently pointed out that if you want to lose some body fat, you could learn a lot from female bodybuilders, who it described as “the most effective dieters on the planet”.

There are certain fundamentals that you need to have in place regardless of your overall body goals or your current level of fitness. These are your body composition, your caloric balance, your exercise and your nutrition.

As the news provider noted, the most effective strategies for losing fat involve altering your food intake to be in negative caloric balance without becoming nutrient deficient, while doing more exercise to expend more calories.

However, women also need to allow for the fact that they typically carry more water weight and fat cells than men, and more of our fat and water weight will be below our waist compared to men.

In addition, we have hormone changes to contend with too, with the article noting that higher estrogen levels when we’re younger can make it more challenging to lose body fat than when we’re older and our estrogen levels drop.

As we recently explained, if you want to achieve your fitness or weight loss goals, you need to ensure your training schedule matches your aims. In general, you should train at least three times a week if you want to progress beyond a low level of fitness.

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