Thank you and welcome to these small words with huge meanings from my self flame Emin

Born and raised in Hertfordshire UK, my parents were both of 2 diverse ethnic backgrounds and one with a reputable modeling career and one of an athletic field, my mother being the model but to could of well been my father the model most will laid but its true male models are also challenged and experience just as much as women do.

My school life was up and down I excelled in Sports and English
Unfortunately, I was bullied about my name, sport enabled me to channel emotional disturbances and the outcome was great, I was always the first girl in all races and sports events I prefer solo sports due to it allowing me not to rely on anyone else my independence was already embedded in me even as a child.

I found the gym and became an athlete in the gym I found my first true passion bodybuilding,  I could make my own goals and smash them it was like I could be the athlete I naturally was and am without the medal and limelight.

Dedication comes naturally to me.
I found bodybuilders shared a lot with me in common, I got my first gym job in a bodybuilding gym I thrived in the environment and was eager to learn all I could

I was studying a sports science diploma alongside the Arsenal Ladies FC

I also attended uni furthering my education.

My modelling career was taking off effortlessly a lot effortlessly in comparison to training modelling had its different challenges dangers, fake model agents, sexual assaults, scammers and self-confidence been at an all mighty high to be extremely low

I decided to also study psychology…

I don’t know how I use to do it all in one day, train, eat, attend castings, shoot rehearse, revise, study, I lived alone from 16.

I have shot a huge range of modelling and my body has changed shape totally I enjoyed been curvy, I enjoyed been athletic now in between to the two.

I write also for Clutch Magazine which I really enjoy. I get to share my knowledge, personal training also permits this.

I hope I can help you! Please do not be afraid in a very approachable lady and extremely compassionate to all and totally non-judgmental I hope to help you become better inside and out.

I have won modelling awards for Nuts Magazine having the best butt!
Featured in IMDB credited films.
And many other things 🙂

Flame Emin: An Exceptionally Talented and Beautiful Fitness Model and Actress Shares her Success Story with Women Fitness Team