• Remain Fit
    Remain Fit
    “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” –Socrates
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  • Train Hard
    Train Hard
    “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” Thomas Jefferson.  
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Remain FitTrain Hard

Services Provided

VIP Personal Training

What can I do for you?? Help you lose weight, become fitter and healthier… and, in the process, look way better! Whether you want to lose weight, slim down, run a marathon or simply get toned and feel fit. Over my successful career, I have developed the most effective route to achieving your goals. With […]

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UKBFF & IFBB Training

UKBFF Membership. The IFBB Elite Pro division currently has more than €1 million of prize money available for those who turn professional. I have got the experience, I have been there and I have made it there! GET IN CONTACT WITH ME NOW:

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Fitness Modeling

Are you in great shape? Does the camera love you? If you are you 100 per cent committed to physical fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, then you might just have what it takes to become a fitness model. Fitness modelling (sometimes referred to as sports modelling) is a highly competitive industry that takes hard […]

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About Me

Flame is a wellness athlete and fitness expert from London. She is an elite fitness goddess, who is everything a real woman should be and more.

However, like many athletes, Flame wasn’t always an expert in weight training. Through her dedication and will, Flame was able to forge her physique. With each new workout, she kept pushing further and further.

As Flames experience improved, so did her physique. In time, people would start asking her for advice on training. It was at this point Jade realized she could make a living out of her passion for the ‘iron.’ Flame now uses her posts to not only educate but also inspire others to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Although Flame loves doing cardio, she doesn’t overdo it because she believes it can be ‘muscle-wasting.’

Her secret to a toned and fit physique lies in creating a structured training schedule and sticking at it. She trains heavy and is a student of ju-jitsu which she admits is extremely challenging for her. She is only a white belt but wants to progress with this

Rest days aren’t usually a part of Flames routine. Even when she doesn’t train in the gym, she’ll do some sort of cardio – either outdoors or on a treadmill at home. She believes that a key to good health lies in staying active every day.

Flames daily meal plan for fat loss would look something like this;


1 squeezed lemon in a glass of lukewarm water

Egg whites with oatmeal


Protein Shake


Vegetable soup, egg sandwich, brown rice, and fish

Evening Snack

Fruit juice and vegetable salad


Chicken and Rice

My physique can change in a matter of days due to travel, water retention from long hauled flights also due to the fact that my body responds so fast to training and diet.My grandfather was a professional wrestler and mother a Play Boy Bunny. I was an amazing sprinter and ran for my county due to my father's death. When I was 14, I couldn’t continue as I had to take care of my mum. I found bodybuilding an outlet for my sadness, a way to channel my anger into something positive, and also my happy place all at the same time my first job was in a bodybuilding gym.I am a lot stronger than I look, and love how diverse I can be.


Conscientious support with regular contact with myself. We will look at addressing your barriers to progress in terms of mindset, creating new habits that support your goals.

Weekly goal-setting using whatever method is most convenient for you to get you where you want to be.

Tailored nutritional support where I aim to build your knowledge and skills around food, so you can fuel yourself properly and train at your best, and also feel more empowered and in control of your choices. I am to get you to a place where you are, more importantly, free from having to rely on meal plans or the latest fad diet to get results —which, as we all know, are not sustainable long-term, and teach us very little about nutrition.

A training programme that considers your individual needs and preferences, and reflects your goals. This also includes a printable PDF workout log to track your training and progress.

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Photo session at the Total Gym LA with Anthony Bash Photographer

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Photo session at the Total Gym LA with Anthony Bash Photographer

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Photo session at the Total Gym LA with Anthony Bash Photographer

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  • “I love this girl, not only is helping me with my fitness, she is also helping me with my modelling career!”

    Alicia McPetterson
  • “Flame is the best, she can teach you how to become a massive muscular strong guy and also help you to lose weight and look thin and shaped”

    Peter David
  • “Amazing teacher!… so patient, positive and a massive knowledge and experience!”

    Sarah Liverman